Little Legs for Life 2010 was a huge success, and  raised over £22 725!!  

Little Legs for


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Our main event each year is Little Legs for Life - the event was an idea which came from our children wanting to do their bit to raise money for Cancer Research UK.  


Standing outside their children's classroom one afternoon, 2 mums got to talking about the Race for Life and what a shame it was that boys couldn't take part.  "What a pity they don't do a kid's Race for Life" - were words that sparked the idea for what is now called "Little Legs for Life".  


because kids care too...

The original idea was to get 100 children to take part in a sponsored walk/run of 500m laps around a local school field.  As the committee grew and more ideas were thrown together, it became clear the event was going to be bigger than we first thought!


On 28th June 2009, at Esher Rugby Club, 250 children ran their hearts out and raised more than £14 000!!


In 3 years, Little Legs for Life has raised over £50 000 in Walton-On-Thames.....but what makes us most proud is the fact that other committees have loved the idea and held Little Legs for Life events of their own!!


Could you run a Little Legs for Life event in your community, or in your local school?  All of the hard work has been done and Cancer Research UK can support volunteers wanting to organise their own event.  If you are interested in making a difference, please call Cancer Research UK on  08701 60 20 40 or email us at and we'd be pleased to give you more information on our event!